Statgames Index

A handful of tools for analyzing game results for all games from 1901-2013.

Standings for any date
 Find the league standings for every date of any season.

Situational Records
 Divide and sort team and league records in certain situations, such as home/road (for a season or range of seasons), blowout, close games. For instance (an extreme example), you can find the teams with the worst record in home games in which they scored less than four runs from 1985-1995. San Francisco at 134-272.

Streak Reports
 Find top team performances over N game stretches (for single league years or by team histories) sorted by wins, losses, runs scored, runs allowed or by date. For instance, you can see what the top 50 game run in Yankee history by wins. The 1941 team in games 50-99 (June 8 to August 1) went 42-8 scoring 308 runs to their opponent's 159.

Team Schedule and Breakouts
 Find the schedule and game log results along with their results against each opponent and by month for any AL or NL team from 1901-2001.

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